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No dail tone -

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No dail tone -

I have no dial tone and have tired the following:   


We returned from vacation and the phone line was "Line In Use".  Unable to disconnect via the phone,  I unplugged the phone line running from the modem to the phone receptable.  I now have no dial tone throughout the entire house.  The phone does however work when plugged directly into the modem.  Next I checked the land line wire connects and all were secured.  Thinking I might have a wire issue and given each of the phone line is independently wired thru the same hub, I then connected to a different phone receptacle and still no dial tone.  


Although the phone works connected directly to the modem, could I still have an equipment issue.  I'm at a loss given it appears nothing is wrong with the hard wiring in the house.   


Also I did use the Comcast App and nothing came up

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Re: No dail tone -

You have a short in your home wiring. Do you have access to where all your interior phone lines meet? It’s not equipment related as you stated it works fine when you bypass the house wiring.
Couple things to try with your phone going through the house wiring-
Go phone by phone disconnecting them the house jacks, and see if line in use disappears this eliminates your phone equipment or
If you have access to where the phone lines meet, disconnect the lines one by one until line in use disappears. If it disappears, you’ll know which line it is as it won’t have a dial tone

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