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call history empty

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call history empty

the call history in the xfinity desktop account as well as the mobil app is empty. We know we've had lots on in, out, and missed calls.  I called Comcast and they cannot figure it out.  What's going on? This has been a problem for over a month for us. Anyone have a solution?


Re: call history empty

I talked to a rep the other day and was told the call history is no longer an option. Now that I have said this, based on some other things I was told, I had zero confidence in the answers I wa being provided. I was tlaking about accessing the voice history via the web site and she kept asking me about the app on my phone. BTW, the Xfinity Connect app does not play well with Android 10 to the point the latest download gave me the error message that the app is not compatible with my version of Android. (But that is a different story). In the past 6 months I have a call history for about 30 minutes after I was told it was fixed.