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Voicemail re-direct

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Voicemail re-direct

On my way home I called our xfinity voice landline ans received a meesage with a woman's voice reciting a number no where near ours saying we were not available.

I tried autodialing and dialing direct with the same result.

I called my wife on her cell and asked her to try our home number and she got the same result.

I did not write down the number as I was driving, but the area code was 202.

By the time I got home to contact xfinity, I called our home number from my cell and all was back to normal.

Anyone esle ever have this happen?

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Re: Voicemail re-direct

Yes, this happened to me this afternoon.  I didn't recognize the number, chatted with customer service, who obviously didn't recognize the number either even though I gave it to her.  She told me she would have to set up a tech to come out.  Meanwhile, I went to my account settings and did the selective call forwarding to my cell phone.  I decided to take that off, and I realized that the 202 number was the same one that I have in there for Nomorobo.  My home phone is working now, and I didn't have to do anything to fix it.  It must have been some kind of glitch.  Hope this helps!!