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Simultaneous Ring vs Xfinity Connect Ring

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Simultaneous Ring vs Xfinity Connect Ring

Several years ago when we first got Xfinity voip - I set up so when my home phone rings, my cell also simultaneously rings. * However * Unless I am HOME and know my home phone is ringing, on my CELL I can not tell the differnce between a direct call to my Cell or if it is forwarded from my home phone.  

My Father-in-Law is new to Xfinity - and he has it set it so when his home phone rings - it rings through to his cell -- but is obvious it is ringing through the Xfinity Connect app. 

**HOW** do I change my simul ring to ring through the Xfinity Connect app instead? 

**UPDATE** I completely deleted everything in the Call forwarding settings and started from scratch -- seems to have resolved this issue



PART2 >> Even if I do not answer the call - when it simul rings- Xfinity marks the call as ANSWERED. But there is no voicemail on my VOIP line or on my Cell (we are on the Xfinity Mobile plan as well)