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Problems with Caller ID, Voicemail & Call Forward

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Problems with Caller ID, Voicemail & Call Forward

We are having numerous problems with one of our phone lines. We have 3 lines, which requred Xfinity to use 2 modems, one for lines 1 & 2 and a second for line 3. Line 1 is the home number, Line 2 is for a home based business & line 3 is a fax machine. Problems seem to be only on Line 2 and are as follows:

1. All calls coming into line 2 show up as Unknown Name Blocked Caller. EVERY call, regardless. I have called from my cell phone, which is not blocked and from line 1, which is in the same physical location and cetainly not blocked.

2. Calls coming into line 2 should go to voicemail if not answered. After the set number of rings (4 or 5) the call rolls over to line 1 and is picked up by that voicemail. Very confusing since the message instructs the caller to call ###-#### if trying to reach the business but that IS the number they called. Customers are getting very frustrated. I have had 1 message that showed up on Xfinity Connect but I'm not sure how that happened since no others will.

3. When using xfinity Connect via desktop or mobile app I am unable to forward line 2 to another number. I can't even enter a number on the desktop. On the mobile app it lets me enter the number but then gives an error message that Forwarding is not allowed for this number.....


I have called Customer service and a ticket was supposedly sent to advanced tech support but I have not heard anything nor has anything been fixed. I have chatted with several agents but each one insists on rebooting the modem at which time I loose the agent and have to start all over again with a different agent, who does the same thing. I went through this 4 times today!!!

This service is unacceptable! I would love for a comcast employee who is on this forum to repond and maybe fix these issues? We left ATT due to poor customer service but at least all of our phone lines worked as they should. We may have to find an alternative provider if Xfinity cannot make this right.