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Clarification please!
I have the Triple Play w/internet, cable & phone. Included in this is NOMOROBO. Comcast allows you to block a whopping 25 numbers. I get 3 to 4 a day.
The last seven calls, when the numbers are searched, all have the first hit as a NOMOROBO warning post about it being a scam call.
If NOMOROBO knows the caller is a scammer, why isn't it blocked automatically? I have no ability to block unless I unblock a prior blocked number!
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Nomorobo is not activated automatically, you have to sign up for it.


Go here to do so: 

Select Comcast Xfinity as your landline carrier.


Also, you can read this for more info, but I think some of the instructions are out of date, at least they were for me when I signed up a couple of years ago (especially step 5): 


Good luck!