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Advanced Call Forwarding Not Working Properly

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Advanced Call Forwarding Not Working Properly

I have Advanced Call Forwarding set so that my home phone simultaneously rings on my mobile phone, and it also rings Nomorobo and Hiya.  All four numbers are set to ring 9 times before going to voicemail.  Sometimes both our home & mobile phones will ring, but neither will ring most of the time, despite the fact that caller id is telling me someone is calling us.


When we get a call, some callers have told me it goes straight to Voicemail.  This happens the most.  Other times, callers have told me they receive a recording that says we aren't taking calls (???).  I do not have Anonymous Calls being ignored.


I've tried signing out of Xfinity Connect, and re-signing in.  I've tried turning numbers listed in Advanced Forwarding off and then back on again.  I've also tried re-setting my mobile phone.


Does anyone else have this problem?  Is there something else I should be doing?