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web mail folders

I spent over 2 hours on the phone with customer service tonight.  I ended up having to delete almost all mail from my account, including important work related information and some sentimental messages I had not downloaded to outlook, which was truly heartbreaking.  I was told this was "my fault" for having too many messages.  I was getting 100% of 10GB warnings, then after "pick and choose" deleting for literally HOURS, my statistics showed "108% of 20 GB"????  So i just went crazy and deleted everything.  Now I have a folder that I probably should have just emptied of mail, but I deleted it.  It was a subfolder in my inbox.  Now it is in the trash folder.  Its messages are gone, it is just an empty folder.  I have deleted it dozens of time.  But it keeps coming back.  I have tried renaming it, moving it back to the inbox (I still have a use for it), moving it elsewhere.  No matter what I do, it disappears briefly but shows back up as an empty subfolder of the trash folder.  I also can not set up a new sub-folder in the inbox, it times out when trying to do that on all platforms.  I now have very few messages left in my account and no attachments, and the statistcis are showing "1% of 20GB" on Internet Explorer and my android web browser and 1% of 10GB in Chrome (PC and Android).  I can not even have 1% of 10GB left, that is still a lot of data. I am afraid I spent most of the day and hours I could not spare deleting all that mail for nothing.  I will change carriers before I spend another two hours on the phone being belittled by kids who think I don't know what I am doing.  If I can not get these stupid folders to "stick" is there a way I can reset the entire account and start over???  without changing my email address or using a different one.



Re: web mail folders

I'll start by asking who or what is generating a message saying "108% of 20Gb"?  I doubt it's Comcast, since you only get 10Gb of storage per account.  Also, when you delete a folder, it goes to Trash, but still contains any messages that are in it.  Now, if you delete the folder from Trash, it will go to a special folder some people call "the dumpster".  The contents of the folder will be there, but not the folder itself.  To access the dumpster, right-click on the Trash folder, then on "Recover deleted items" in the menu you will see.  Messages will be listed in descending chronological order.  You can recover any messages you like, but keep in mind that they start dropping out of the dumpster after  they have been in there 30 days from the date they were deleted.


Does that help with your situation?

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