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safebrowse timeout / web block

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safebrowse timeout / web block

I have a site - I can't access it through my comcast connection (multiple computers and browers), but I can access it on the phone or through other methods that don't use the comcast connection. This is just an innocuous small business site.

I wasted an hour calling comcast support to have them lie and tell me they don't block websites and then refuse to provide a transcript or admission that they wouldn't help. So I thought I'd post here to try to get more forthright answers.

1. For anyone here, can you access through your comcast connection?
2. Where can I see a list of sites blocked by xFi Advanced security or other issues.
3. Is there some other reason I might get a time out when trying to access the website?
4. How can I appeal to remove the block on, if I can confirm there is one.