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"Filter Rules Question"

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"Filter Rules Question"

Earlier I posted the danger of telling Comcast's "Filter Rules"  to "Discard" emails from different domains because one of my rules wound up discarding ALL emails sent to me.


I'm wondering if you think it would be safer in the filter rules,  to instead of "Discard"  as an "Action" to instead click on "Redirect to"  and then enter a junk email account that I would have created to receive spam.  This way if a rule selected ALL incoming emails, at least they'd just be directed to that junk email account and not be deleted forever.


Does this make sense?  And is that how the "Redirect to" command works???


I appreciate any replies,  THANKS!!!!



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Re: "Filter Rules Question"

The entry box for "Redirect to" is for an email address, so that should work. But when I'm trying out a new filter, I create a Temp folder to receive the filter rejects, and use the "Move to folder" command to designate the Temp folder. That seems easier to me.


But yes, I think it's always a good idea to test out a new or modified filter rule before making its action "Discard".