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pls help, mail not getting there ... How much time...


pls help, mail not getting there ... How much time...

Lets see. I connect at around 100MBs (was supposed to be a lot higher eh) I have "No" HD (high Defination) on my TV. And now I have to refresh my  email to get any.

Yep, I'd say that is right in line with the  product I have recieved from xfinity.

 The question in there is why do I have to refresh page . At the risk of sounding ignorent. does anyone working there know how to fix this,

 How did I know I was geting a email? I sent it. Now it works using another client just fine. Just not comcast emai.

 The more important question is how do I find out the amount of time left on my contract ?

 I apologize to you help desk ppl. You do not deserve ppl's ignorance. I doubt that xfinity checks with you on the decision making process.

 Buit do keep in mind that many ppl are paying for a service, not getting it and then sometimes it seems that they are ignored etc...

 I used to brag (about comcast) and get in arguments about who was better, comcast or fios (when i had comcast the first time around 12 yrs ago).

 Now I can't wait to get out. and yes I am very vocal about it.

 Yeah I feel better, vented a little. And really all I have to do is make sure I have no important emaill address's connected to comcast. I held off on doing that and now I am glad because I think most of the important email address's are to another address.

 In all sincerity, I hope whoever has to read this jas a good day.

 Oh, that was a serious question about the time left on my account. Wasn't being a jerk, I really need to know.