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I have had this problem contiually - to the point, I have PAID for another email address to  get around this issue (which I should not have had to do, being as I am paying already for the address). This is VERY frustrating!
Whenever I go to website, to create an account, sign up for an event, etc. where one is required to enter their email address, when I enter my address, I get the RED exclamation point next to the email address box and an error stating: "enter a valid email address". And YES - I have entered my email address CORRECTLY (multiple times). I have had other friends with addresses complain of the same problem. What is the ANSWER to this??


Re: not recognized as a VALID EMAIL on other website

If your Comcast email account functions OK otherwise, there is nothing wrong with the account.  That means the issue is at the other website.  I have used my Comcast address to sign up for quite a few things and have never encountered the problem you describe.  That being said, just use some other address from a free email provider like Gmail,, or others.

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