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adding multiple emails to my account

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adding multiple emails to my account

for security reasons and to avoid identity theft I was told years ago to have different email addresses for different topics. ie one for shopping one for banking; one for work; one for medical etc. I need 5 different emails for my personal account. how do I do that? 


Re: adding multiple emails to my account

This depends on how you want to generate the other addresses.  In Comcast, you as the Primary can have up to 6 secondary accounts.  But understand that they are predicated on the model of different people living in the same household.  So they are a bit involved in creating them.  Another way to go would be to have a non-Comcast email account for each use in your scenario:  Eg: Yahoo for your shopping, for your bank, for your work and so on.  Yet another way would be to have one account that supports the use of traditional aliases. and both have that feature for example.  Yahoo allows you to have up to 500 "disposable" addresses in use.  So again, it depends on how you want to proceed.  If you want to look at secondary accounts in Comcast see here------------------------

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