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XFi Gateway blocks my access to IP Addresses

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XFi Gateway blocks my access to IP Addresses

I am trying to visit the following corporate public Address: 50.251.XXX.XXX from my Home and it is being blocked by the XFinity router, the blocking is not happening on any of my devices, it is the Xfi Router.


When I connect to the mentioned site from my cell phone (Sprint) it can access it,  it can also be accessed from any of my devices when I connect using a different network than my XFinity Private Network.


This is the third xFi Router that I have had, the first one was blocking our access to, the second one was blocking and now this one is blocking a public IP from one of our customers (the customer uses COMCAST too).

The router has been restarted a hundred times by the automated system when I call support (this is frustrating), I can't afford waiting 10 minutes for the router to restart every time and more when I know that this won't fix the problem.


The XFi Gateway firewall is disabled, as I said, this site/address is not being blocked from any other firewall in my home network because when I connect any of the devices to another network (a hotspot created with my cell phone for example) I can access it.