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Thunderbird and "Failed to connect to server"

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Thunderbird and "Failed to connect to server"

When I open Thunderbird I immediately get a pop up window with this message:


"Failed to connect to server"


However Thunderbird shows a message along the bottom of the window that says:


"Connected to server".


I cannot download new incoming emails, I keep getting the message shown above. But I can send emails via smtp.


It was working fine yesterday. The only thing that changed is I applied the August Windows Updates yesterday, but Thunderbird and Comcast email were working fine after that, including after restarts.


I am able to get to Comcast email with Firefox on my phone and on my laptop.


I am in Baltimore county, MD.


Is anyone else having similar issues?










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Re: Thunderbird and "Failed to connect to server"

Whatever the problem was it appears to have resolved itself. I can now connect to and receive messages.