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Seeing Other People's Emails

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Seeing Other People's Emails

Today, when I logged into my Xfinity email account, I could see 2 other people's emails.  The other people's emails were listed as folders under my normal folders on the left panel.


It took over an hour and 5 transfers with support before someone on the support team instructed me how to delete the other people's accounts from mine.  


This is a severe security breach to all Xfinity email users, and nobody on the support call really cared about it.  For the most part, they did not have  the language skills to even understand what I was telling them.  


I would like to contact someone at Xfinity to investigate this further, but there is really no possible way to contact anyone who understands enough english to communicate the issue.  


I don't really expect much, but support personnel who cannot comprehend english well enough to support a customer is pretty lame.