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Phone support not at all in step with real world

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Phone support not at all in step with real world

I called Xfinity after my internet went out yesterday.  My area being recognized by my phone number, I was told my area was out and would be for some hours. Ok, at least it was good to know it was not my router or modem failure. However, I called back later and no longer heard that recorded message but rather was told I needed to have my modem reset to assist an agent in minutes that would call me when the reset was finished. 


I got a call and the person had me unplug ethernet wires to and fro and finally told me I would need to call my wifi router manufacturer, TP Link to get an update! How in the world he came to THAT conclusion, I am not sure. Calling any support systems now in this time of pandemic is nearly impossible. So when I did, I found that they had very, very, very limited hours of support operation. 


So I went on Amazon on my phone and ordered a new router instead. But within a few hours (an hour later than the initial time the recording had said internet would be back in my neighborhood) I heard my computer telling me I had email. I quickly went and cancelled my order for the new router!


My question is why did not the agent have the same information, or even more updated information about the status of the net in my neighborhood  I had received early from the recorded message?