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Over Quota Issue Multiplying Emails

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Over Quota Issue Multiplying Emails



My wife's email address account received numerous over quota alerts yesterday and when she tries to delete those and old emails, they end up coming back times 2.  If you try to do it again, the same emails will multiply again and show up in the inbox.  


She went from 100% consumed, to 240% just by trying to delete messages.


Anything we can do to fix this?




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Re: Over Quota Issue Multiplying Emails

Hi Bob,


We are having this exact same problem that you had in May.  Over the past 6 days, we have been on the phone eight hours with Xfinity representatives, and none have been able to help us.  


Did you ever happen to get a fix to this issue that you would be comfortable sharing?  I see no one from xfinity replied to you from this forum, which is similar to us.  We have had multiple experiences this past week where Xfinity representatives say they will check into this problem and call us back, with no call back.