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Outlook failed to send.

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Outlook failed to send.

Outlook stopped working on all devices (phones, tablet and PC) recently.  It says it cannot connect to the server so I pinged and got replies immediately.  I pinged and got no responses.  Called support and they had me check the port # which is 993 and she said that was correct.  she finally told me to contact Microsoft.  

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Re: Outlook failed to send.

@Anon1440505 you can't ping to and even if you did, it would still require authentication in order to even generate any form of reply. Generic pings wont give you the option/capability to do that. Double check the functionality of your Comcast email by going directly to the webmail as opposed to outlook. If the email works on webmail - everything on the Comcast side is functioning correctly. If its an issue specific to Outlook, unfortunately Comcast is limited to what we posess in regards to troubleshooting guides/steps. We can only provide you the default configuration like port numbers and servers to use, but outside of that would be reliant on the developer of the software. If it is Outlook - Microsoft, Thunderbird - Mozilla, MacMail - Apple. 


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