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Outlook 2013 crashes during send/receive

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Outlook 2013 crashes during send/receive


This recently started happening and to the best of my knowledge, I have made no changes to cause it.  I can open Outlook and it does not crash until I either do a send/receive or, strangely, I delete an email.  I can receive new emails and open them.  Win 10 is up to date.  I use AVG for my anti-virus.


I have posted this on the Microsoft community, and it was suggested to uninstall AVG, then check com add-ins and then do an in-place repair.  I would rather not go that route until I check other explanations or solutions.  I have seen suggestions about deleting the Comcast profile and creating a new one to solve some problems.  Also, repairing the files.


Suggestions are appreciated.


I have both imap and pop folders.