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Outbound email stopped working

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Outbound email stopped working

This week, outbound Comcast email from the iOS native mail app quit working.

No errors of any sort, no bounces, etc.

Email shows up in outbox for a sec, then in sent, but is never received by the person being sent to.

Inbound email works w/o an issue.

I don’t send a lot of email, but I do know it worked a couple weeks ago.

I have verified the smtp settings (server, port, ssl, user, password) for outbound email and all are correct - including password. I even put in a bad password to verify that. Would generate an error and then changed it back.

I have gmail that I use within the same native iOS mail app. It works for outbound so it is not the app itself.

I have tested sending to my wife’s email (Comcast also) and she never receives it. But, if I send to myself, it works. I have tested to other email addresses including my gmail one. Nothing except email to myself goes through.

I logged online and brought up email in a browser and successfully sent email. Unfortunately online doesn’t show sent history when you send from another client. I also did a lot of cleanup in case there was an issue with # emails or space (cleanup included purging spam and trash folders afterwards).

Any way to test what is going on?

I’ll be calling but am not able to do so just yet.

Really think I need someone on Comcast side that can verify the connection and email when it goes through (if it goes through).