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Login Data Error Message

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Login Data Error Message

I am now getting an error message when I get my email on the Xfinity web site.


The provided login data to access mail server seem to be wrong.  Please correct them.


I have no idea why these ahve changed or how to fix them.  HELP.

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Re: Login Data Error Message

The image you posted isn't visible. It looks like this:


It's probably because the image requires moderator approval. That might take some time, from a few hours to a day or so. Alternatively, you could upload the image to a file sharing site and post a link to it here, or post text instead of an image.

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Re: Login Data Error Message

I noticed that when I posted my question.  The text right below the image is the essence of what the image was saying.  

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Re: Login Data Error Message

Hopefully if there are a few of us Comcast might wake-up and provide an answer??


I am also getting the same error message for almost two weeks. It is an anoying pop-up window that is continual:



The provided login data to access mail server seem to be wrong. Please correct them.


Happens on XfinityConnect - not a third party email client, so IMAP should not be an issue. Also shows up on my Galaxy 8 + using the XfinityConnect app.


Bigger problem is that at two weeks ago I could access all 3 of my Comcast email accounts from my primary. Now I cannot. The 2nd/3rd accounts still show up as folders, but are empty. I cannot throw them away either. And when I try to add them back, the system says that they are already there.


Outgoing emails also seem to hang-up and often not go through.


I restarted my modem several times and reset my passwords with tech support several times. Does not matter.


I phoned the Comcast Security department and Tier 2 support and they did not have an answer. Tier 3 support never called back as requested. I learned that I cannot get in contact with Tier 3 directly, Tier 2 must request. For US West Coast, they are open from 5am to like 2pm. Someone from Comcast I would appreciate an answer.



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Re: Login Data Error Message

This error usually indicates you have added another email within webmail settings and the password is wrong. This could be either an external email or another address. I agree this is not the best error message and we are working to fix it in our next version of webmail.


For now. you can fix the issue by updating the username and password in settings:  

  1. Sign in to webmail
  2. Click the Settings icon (cog) in the upper right-hand corner
  3. Select accounts 
  4. Click the edit button next to the "external" email account, which will be in the form of an email address. 
  5. Update the password for that "external" mailbox. 


Example: I sign into webmail as I utilized the external account feature to add as a secondary mailbox of Either myself or someone else changes the password for that second email address, it will need to be updated within the settings of the primary webmail account. 

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Re: Login Data Error Message

YES PLEASE SOMEONE HELP US, we pay our bills and all of us do not have an answer to this problem


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Re: Login Data Error Message


You are part way there!


Your suggestion did remedy my issues from my desktop computer accessing email through the Xfinity Website, but did not for my Android phone using the Xfinity Connect App. It did work for accessing the MyXfinity icon that accessess the Xfinity Website from my phone.


As for my desktop computer and my phone using the MyXfinity - I no longer see the error message and I can now access my secondary and tertiary accounts from my primary. I no longer need to log out of my primary and enter in my password for each of the other accounts. GREAT! But there is still one outstanding problem!


On my Android, I restarted my phone and re-logged into my primary account using the Xfinity Connect app. Before I could see my secondary and tertiary accounts from my primary INBOX dropdown list. I cannot now.  I hit the arrow/4-line icon at left, then Settings, and there is nowhere to add an account.


I then open the Xfinity MyAccount App. At the top it states Complete 2 steps to finish. 50% complete. I try to select. It does not respond. Beneath this is Automatic Payments icon> and Paperless Billing icon> and Personal Email icon (Checked) and Mobile Phone icon (Checked). I cannot find email settings here.


How do I add back these two accounts to my primary using the XfinityConnect App?


I appreciate your assistance on this! One this is resolved you can circulate the answer to your Tier 1 and 2 Tech Support staff, as I imagine there are others calling with the same issues.


Looking forward to you cracking this last piece of the puzzle!