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Emails gone from server

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Emails gone from server

All emails have been deleted BY COMCAST from the server between March 20th and June 25th. This is a huge chunk of emails that are gone. This is a COMCAST SERVER ERROR. This account, my primary account, is an IMAP account and I have not changed any of my settings. These emails, along with their attachments, should be safe in my Comcast IMAP account. Not only this, but they have been deleted from my devices as well -- my laptop shows nothing during that period, and my iPhone only shows the headings from that period of time, but they contain the message "This message has not been downloaded from the server."  (this does show that hundreds of emails have been lost)

I have been a loyal Comcast customer for over 25 years, but the customer service is horrible. Comcast NEVER wants to admit any responsibility. If they would just say they had an unfortunate server issue, I would be understanding. BUT, after many phone calls and a call back from Comcast and being placed on hold, and dealing with people that CLEARLY didn't understand or maybe even CARE, I have only wasted more of my time. This is unacceptable. I am normally a patient and understanding person, but COMCAST has put me at my limit. 

I am not a tech wizard, but I know FOR CERTAIN that this is not my mistake. So my plea is to Comcast -- why are you only available to those who want to buy more services and not to those of us who have been loyal customers? You should be ashamed.

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Re: Emails gone from server

please double check the email settings for ALL applications that you use to access your email. The logs confirm that a device configured in POP3 has been actively accessing the account for at least the last 30 days and appears to have deleted emails while doing so. 

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