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Comcast tossing inbound emails

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Comcast tossing inbound emails



I have noticed this issue on and off for a couple of years.

When I email from one of my non Comcast accounts to people with a comcast account, the mail message gets dropped. No Delivery, No rejection. If this is on purpose, there should at least be a rejection so the sender can investigate.


Anybody seen this?


The last time I saw wide spread behavior like this, was when I determined that Comcast was tossing .docx files with no delivey and no rejection.

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Re: Comcast tossing inbound emails

@edso12 depends on the spam/phishing trend and how we are filtering. The docx one was a large scale string of documents being thrown around containing malicious content. The current most common ones are attachements with email body of "your invoice is ready" and nothing else. Thus, leading ones curiosity to open the attachment that then contains either an infection or some form of scam/phishing/extortion. Ransomware is a popular attachment as well. Overall it really depends on the context. Feel free to send me a PM with more details if you would like me to look into any issues you might be experiencing. 

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