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Comcast Webmail Rendering bugs. Did something just change recently? (Email Dev)

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Comcast Webmail Rendering bugs. Did something just change recently? (Email Dev)



I'm an email developer who assists in building email templates. Our team uses Litmus to validate our templates across multiple clients.  Until recently, the template was working fine, but now for some reason, the exact same email template is not rendering correctly in Comcast, specifically in Internet Explorer 11.


Can anyone on the technical side of the email platform confirm what may have changed? We suspect it no longer supports "display: block" in any of the styling, in-line or otherwise.


Because comcast email hasn't been great at supporting media queries, our approach has been to code our emails for mobile first, including setting max-width for specific break points, leaving elements to stack that will otherwise sit side by side when the media query renders for the desktop width breakpoint. This means for Comcast, we've accepted that our email will take on the mobile formatting due to its lack of support for certain styling.




Now it looks like, only in Internet Explorer 11, it IS running the desktop media query, unstacking elements as intended for desktop, but severly messing with the widths. This was NOT the case a little over a week ago.


I have attached two versions of the template for how it renders in Comcast on IE 11.  Same code, 2 noticeably different results. First example is the accepted mobile first design since we new Comcast wasnt handling the desktop media query (which is supported everywhere else). Second example it looks like it is partially handling the desktop version bringing the elements side by side, but it's messing up the width on the right side.

Something changed and we're trying to get to the bottom of this.

Thank you kindly for your reply!



Old IE 11 - planned Mobile Stack in DesktopNew IE 11 - Now renders the Desktop media query, but breaks it