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Comcast Is Blocking My Website

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Comcast Is Blocking My Website

I have determined that my Squarespace hosted website and domain "" is being blocked from all Comcast internet customers.  The site is accessible via their competitor's internet services and cell phone data but cannot be accessed by Comcast internet customers. 


I have filed a ticket and have had multiple converstaions  with Comcast technical services - who deny this can happen which any web search will prove is not true.


I have also hired a technical expert who has deemed the site is clear of any issues which can also be confirmed through "".


I am at my wit's end regarding the incompetence and/or denial of Comcast technical services and am wondering how to solve this issue.


Any guidance or experience with this mattar would bemuch appreciated.


- Rob


Re: Comcast Is Blocking My Website

Just to say-----------I just tried and got right onto the website with no problem.  I'm using Firefox on a Mac.  With Vivaldi I got the hit for your Facebook page, and from there I got onto the website, again with no issues.  However, using Edge I get this-----------------------



Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 7.29.51 AM.jpg


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Re: Comcast Is Blocking My Website

@Chanterhaus wrote: ... "" is being blocked from all Comcast internet customers. ...

The block appears to be action taken by Microsoft (note the "Microsoft Defender SmartScreen" tag). I don't get the warning in Firefox and Chrome, but I do in Edge and IE.


I don't know how much good it will do, but you could try opening the site in IE or Edge, then clicking "More information" on the warning page, then "Report that this site does not contain threats". Then on the "Report a website" page select "I am the owner ...", then fill out and submit the form.