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Cannot connect to email through xfinity website

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Cannot connect to email through xfinity website


My 95 year old father-in-law lost connection to his email last Thursday, the same day his service plan changed from a Quad Play to a Triple Play. When trying to access his email through the xfinity website, it tries to connect to but continually times out. All other areas of the website, as well as every other site on the internet, are accessible from his PC. He is on Win 7 and never had any issues getting his email for years until now. Other devices on the same network CAN access his email but he needs the big screen of his PC to be able to read.

I have spent many hours on text, chat and calls with support reps but no one can solve.

Steps already tried:

Multiple restarts of both PC and router

Changing Xfinity password

Clearing of cache and cookies

Trying a different browser (nope. Chrome, Edge and firefox all fail to connect )

Checking for firewall or anti virus conflicts (all disabled for now)

Flushing IP/cpnfig

Some others I cant think of now, probably

Super frustrating. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,