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Cannot Recover My 80,000+ Deleted Emails

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Cannot Recover My 80,000+ Deleted Emails

Yesterday, I deleted every single email on the comcast email account I have had since about 2001. Why?


Because Xfinity sent me an email saying my email inbox was full at 10GB, and that I could no longer receive any more emails.


I stupidly assumed that Microsoft Outlook 2019 (like the earlier Outlook versions I have used to manage my emails) saved every email on my PC. So, I deleted all the emails on the Comcast server. Then, to my horror, I went to Outlook and lo and behold,  every single email was gone!


I then proceeded to do the "Recover from trash" procedure. It took a while, but within an hour of deleteing everything, I was able to restore emails going back to (only) May 3, 2020. I had over 80,000 emails, going back many years.  


The Recovery procedure has stopped offering any more deleted emails since yesterday. I am on my third call to Comcast and cannot get a nowledgeable person to fix this. As I type this, after 30 minutes (again) on the phone with Comcast I was disconnected.


I need to recover yesterday's bulk email deletion, and fast. I understand they save deleted emails for 14 days, so I am trying not to panic. But this inexplicable stoppage in the Recovery operation has really got me worried. 


Both my  personal and business emails are involved, and this will be catastrophic unless Comcast restores my deleted emails!


What should I do next? Thank you.



Re: Cannot Recover My 80,000+ Deleted Emails

You didn't say how you retrieved some of the emails.  Did you just get them back from the Trash folder?  If so, there is another option-----------right-click on the Trash folder, and you will see the option to "Recover deleted items" in the menu that appears.  Do you see any more of the missing messages?  Anything in that folder can be moved back to your Inbox or other folders you have.  But for that many emails, I would call Comcast security.  Since this just happened they might be able to recover them for you-------------------


Comcast Customer Security Assurance-------------------

Normal business hours (6:00 am to 2:00 am EST, 7 days a week)

1 - 888-565-4329

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Re: Cannot Recover My 80,000+ Deleted Emails

Hi and thanks for your reply. I did what you described on Sunday, within an hour of having deleted all my mails. The Recover Deleted Mail option in the Trash sub-meni is what I used. I recovered everything that was offered in the pop-up recovery window. It stopped offering any deleted emails at May 3, 2020 - in other words, I was able to recover everything since May 3, 2020, but nothing earlier. And ever since that one-hour-after-deletion recovery process, zero emails have been presented in the pop-up window, including just now when I tried again.


So, I will call the number you proposed- thank you.  The technician at Xfinity apologetically claims all my emails have been permanently deleted and are lost forever, despite their claim that they hold them for recovery for 14 days: