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Touchscreen purchase

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Touchscreen purchase

Ok I know that plans changed last year, so here is my question. If I need to move and transfer my security service (yes I know that COVID is preventing security installs) but for sake of this question, I am moving in 6 months or father out. So can I merely purchase the touchscreen by itself? I don't need anything else, no contact sensors, no motion, nothing. I just need a touchscreen, can I get that from Comcast or even re-purchase it from another source like a re-saler or directly from iControl (I have the xh1-tc) ?

or do I seriously need to pay $15 x 24m month for the basic equipment just to get a touchscreen?!? I have at least $1200 already invested in equipment and do not want to spend another $360 if all I need is the touchscreen. Please help

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Re: Touchscreen purchase

Nope, that equipment is not for sale

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