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Thermostat Not Reading Schedule

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Thermostat Not Reading Schedule

Xfinity home thermometer heating system set points from schedule are not working. The thermostat is not accessing the schedule. Further, set points showing on the thermostat screen are autonomously changing, seemingly at random. Usually turning the furnace off. Room temperature on thermostat screen do not always match room temperatures showing in Xfinity Home iPhone app and in laptop Xfinity Home user portal.


The following temperature setting issues are recorded over several days. Actual temperature values vary.


Example 1: The Xfinity home iPhone app and the laptop Xfinity home portal both show a current scheduled set point at 70 degrees, but at the same time the thermostat screen shows a set point at 66 degrees. Furnace is off.


Example 2: We create a set point of 71 degrees using the thermostat screen, but a short time later it randomly changes to 62 degrees. Furnace turns on with first set point, then then off when thermostat screen changes to 62.


Example 3: A scheduled set point is at 68 degrees and room temperature is at 68 degrees, thermostat screen simultaneously shows 55 as the set point. Furnace is running.


Example 4: Thermostat screen shows room temperature at 68 and heating set point at 71 but furnace is not on. Manually lowering the set point at the thermostat does not turn on the furnace, but using the iPhone Xfinity home app to lower the set point to 70 does turn on the furnace.


Example 5: The current heating set point is at 55 degrees on the Xfinity home iPhone app but the thermostat screen shows 67 degrees room temperature and the set point at 70 degrees, but the furnace is off. If we manually push set point up to 68 using iPhone app, or the thermometer temperature up/down button, the furnace comes on.


Many more examples of the set point changing randomly on the thermostat screen or ignoring the scheduled set points could be included if needed.

Some additional background follows -


Thermostat battery and WIFI connections are both good. Time shown on thermostat screen is correct. No error codes appear.


We do not have an air conditioning system, so the cooling mode is never used.  We talked to one of Xfinity’s thermostat experts the other day and he told us to put all cooling set points lower than all heating set points. The cooling set points were all at 80 degrees long before then with none of these scheduel troubles, but we lowered them to a uniform 50 degrees. Then he canceled our service appointment. But the same heating schedule problems persist. Lowering the cooling schedule did not help.


This brings up a cooling system question. If a cooling set point is at, say, 50 degrees is that what the cooling system tries to maintain and comes on at room temperatures above that? If so, should not the cooling set point be at, say, 80 degrees so that temperature is when the cooling system comes on to keep room temperature at or below 80 degrees? 


Having to keep non-existent cooling system set points below heating system set points is not logical.  Even if a cooling system exists it should not come on until room temperature is high enough, like 80 degrees, to warrant cooling. Having to maintain cooling system set points below heating system set points makes no sense. The cooling system would be trying to turn on at the same time the heating system may be on.

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Re: Thermostat Not Reading Schedule

TCBra -


I'm sorry to hear you are having these issues!  I have never seen this problem before.  My best guess is that your thermostat may not be properly installed for the type of system you have.


Please give us a call back to have the technician come one site to ensure your thermostat is installed correctly. I would also delete any schedules you currently have set.  It may also not hurt for you or your technician to delete and re-pair the thermostat with the Xfintiy Home system.


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Re: Thermostat Not Reading Schedule

Thank you for your reply.

Regarding deleting the schedule, I should have mentioned I already did that several times. Has not helped. 

I will contact technitions, again,  as soon as I finish this reply.