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Key Pad Batteries Life Expectancy

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Key Pad Batteries Life Expectancy

I was just wondering if anyone could give me some clue of How long the batteries should last in the Key Pad because I've only had the Home Security for about two months and i've already gone through 12 batteries.

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Re: Key Pad Batteries Life Expectancy

Hi Tx_Sean -


There are a few factors that can impact battery life, but in general two months is too soon for the batteries to be depleted.  The type of battery being used, frequency of keypad use, distance from the Touchscreen, and Zigbee signal interference between the Keypad and the Touchscreen can all be factors on battery life.


The first thing to check: make sure to use high quality lithium batteries (not alkaline).   We suggest using batteries that are listed after selecting your model of keypad in this article 


If you are using the correct batteries, there is a good chance that the Keypad is having a hard time communicating to the Touchscreen, which is causing the batteries to drain quickly.   


Our technicians check signal strength between the Touchscreen and all of the wireless sensors, keypads, etc.  If the Touchscreen was moved since the installation, try moving it back to where it was orignally placed to see if this fixes the issue (the Touchscreen is supposed to be stationary). 


If it hasn't been moved, I'd suggest giving us a call to have a technician come out to re-assess the signal strength between the devices... we may need to reposition the Touchscreen or Keypad to resolve any Zigbee signal issues in your home.  There's also the off-chance that the Keypad is defective, in which case it can be replaced.


I hope that helps!

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