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Cancellation of Monitoring

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Cancellation of Monitoring

My understanding is that if I cancel my service (2 year commitment completed), I get to keep all the equipment except the touchscreen.  My question is, will the system continue to work without the touchscreen?  I would still have Xfinity Internet, the sensors, camera, and keypad.


Thank you.


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Re: Cancellation of Monitoring

Once you’re done your part, you still keep everything including touchscreen (everything communicates through it). Without monitoring, your sensors are just going to be good for the chimes. If you were to drop the service altogether, that’s when you return the touchscreen

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Re: Cancellation of Monitoring

So I would still get the chimes.  That is good to know.

Would I still be able to use a camera, if I had one?

Would I still be able to monitor the temperature in each room if I was away? That is a good feature to tell if heat or AC is working when you are away.

And would it continue to show the history of what entry points were opened and closed?



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Re: Cancellation of Monitoring

All very great questions!


If you lease your Touchscreen, it is expected that you return it if you cancel monitoring service, as the lease is part of your monthly fee (and you'd no longer be paying that.)  If you have had Xfinity Home for 2 years, chances are high that you lease - as we did not offer packages with purchased Touchscreens until late 2019 in some areas.  Check your billing statement for more details.  In some areas, we begin reaching out to customers who have not returned equipment after cancellation of serivce and there may be unreturned equipment fees that would then apply.


If you purchased your touchscreen, it would still function "locally" - CCAndrew is right - you'd still hear the chimes from your door and window sensors.  You could also arm the system, but it would only alarm out locally - nothing would be sent to the central monitoring station. You could control a thermostat via the Touchscreen, but not by app - as you would lose cloud functionality for your XH devices.  For cameras, you would need to re-pair them; I believe that would only be possible if you have our xCam2 model, which is able to be used with an xFi Gateawy and Xfinity Internet - the xCam2 does not require a subscription to Xfinity Home.



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