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1 of 2 cameras not working & touchscreen offline--info update 7-16-20

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1 of 2 cameras not working & touchscreen offline--info update 7-16-20

1 camera has been offline on the app & touchscreen since 6-13.  Yesterday (7-8) neither camera shows up on the touchscreen.  From a ladder I observed that there is no light on the one camera that doesn't show up on the app. Not blue, white, blinking or solid- nothing. The power connector at the wall seems to be blinking a 'pinkish white'.   Connectivity test shows red X for broadband & green checkmark for celular.  On another screen I get 5 bars on the broadband indicator and the wifi indicator says 'not in use'. The weather data on the bottom of the screen is there & functioning (could it even do that without a wifi connection?).  I have my own Arris modem so Comcast had to add a Netgear router into the system.  The first 4 lights are:  green, green, blue, green.  My home wifi & home network works perfectly.  All my computers communicate with each other just fine.  The message I get on the app is'Your touchscreen is not connected to wifi'.  I had a tech out 6 weeks ago for the same problem.  He spent 2 days and ultimately replaced both cameras and the touchscreen.  The system worked pretty good save for a few camera dropouts.  But they came back.  Now they won't!  I talked to 2 different techs on the phone yesterday and spent about 1.5 hours troubleshooting with them.  They couldn't fix it so they set up a tech visit for today.  Today the guy shows up expecting to fix the 'alarm system'.  When I told him it was the cameras at issue, he said 'we don't do cameras right now'.  He left.  Anyway, I'm trying to fix this now on my own.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?  I have reset every piece of involved equipment at least twice with no luck.  I'd sure appreciate any guidance that anyone could give.

Thanks.....Cliff K.

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Re: 1 of 2 cameras not working & touchscreen offline--info update 7-16-20

Try calling XHome Services 1-877-298-0874

I am not a Comcast Employee.
I am just a customer, volunteering my time to help other customers here in the Forums.
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