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unable to order xfi pods

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unable to order xfi pods

I received an email on July 15th 2020 saying that an assessment was done on my wifi and i could receive free xfi pods. I clicked on the link to place an order and the link was not working. I chatted with xfinity customer support and they did not know why the link was not working. The only solution was to call and speak to someone. I called xfinity customer support. After talking and being on hold with them for over an hour,  they could not help me as well.  They said that the supervisor did not have the authority to place the order. Suggested to try to go to the xfinity store and ask them to order them for me. I went to the store and they said i could only order them online. After dealing with this  for over 2 weeks, i am extremly fustrated.  Why send me the email and the link in the first place if it doesnt work and no one can help me?

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Re: unable to order xfi pods

having the same issue. either they are out of stock (if so, why not just say so) or they are hoping you just give up and pay for them out of pocket. not sure why anyone would do this but thats comcast for you.