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received email

I received an email #19150 saying my profile is on hold. Whats this all about???? I have been trying for over an hour to contact a live person to talk to. Your customer service is non-existant.  Would not reccommend Comcast/Xfinity to anyone that needs help with a question.

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Re: received email

You haven't given us much to go on, but what you describe sounds like a phishing email, a scammer attempt to steal login and account information.


If you can, check your email with Comcast's Xfinity Connect webmail ( ) and look for the XFINITY Verified Email logo next to any message that claims to be from Comcast/Xfinity. Note that anyone can insert an XFINITY Verified image in the body of an email, so it's important to note not only the presence of that image, but that it is in the correct locations:

  • proceeding the email subject line in the list of emails
  • above the subject line when the email is opened.

See for examples of valid logo placement. A logo in the body of the email does not count.

If the logo is missing when you view the message in webmail, the message is not from Comcast. Unfortunately, AFAIK the logo is not present when you view one of their messages in an email app or program, not in even Comcast's own email app. It's only visible when you use their web email site.

Samples of recent phishing messages can be found at under "Top Phishing Scams".

To report a scam email to Comcast, follow the "Report Spam and Phishing Emails" link on and scroll down to the "Report Phishing Emails" section.