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Why is comcast trying to force me to use their email

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Why is comcast trying to force me to use their email

my new xfinity package requires paperless billing- i have no problem with this-my problem is they will only send it to an email address i do not use and tell me that is what is required- i have had the same personal email (non comcast email) for more than 15 years and they are now telling me that in order to use paperless billing i must use their email - that is complete bull stuffings- i will not change my email address to appease comcast to receive my bill-  the internet thru them is shotty  and drops zoom meetings and calls with nothing else pulling on our system so i decided to upgrade to the biggest package they have and this is the grief they are giving me for it- clearly they do not care about their customers at all- i have now spent (and currently on hold being transfered again) 3 hours on phone and chat with comcast to try to fix this issue and keep getting some duzies of responses

1- my modem is effecting the billing email

2-my computer (chrome book)

3-my internet connection

4-you are required to use a comcast email address on your account we can not change that it is the way our system is set up.

5-my browser (chrome)

6- you have the wrong modem for your new internet package why havent you installed the new one(i just ordered it 2 hours ago when i upgraded) last i checked 3-5 days can not be condensed down to 2 hours.  not even sure how that math works lol

7-  absolute favorite resoonse is Why dont you just use the comcast email for your billing-so you want me to check an email address just for your bill - oh and they cant forward it either.


some reps gave me multiple of these brilliant answers if you can believe that.


UPDATE-- after almost 4 hours and 8 different comcast employees and beeing told i have to use their email so many times my head hurts-  Jonathan fixed the problem and now i can use my personal email he was able to remove the comcast email from my account-  what every other rep told me was required to be there he was able to go in delete the comcast email address and just use my personal email.  THANK YOU JONATHAN for FIXING THIS..