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Upgrade service question and options

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Upgrade service question and options

I have been an Comcast customer for over 25 years.

I would like to upgrade my service to 600 Mbps internet and 205+ channel without having to also install a phone. I do not need a home phone, I do not need EPIX channels  and would prefer no termination option.


I can not find an option on the website that will allow me to do so.


Also, I have had my present TV box for at least 10 years and it is now  having intermittent recording and playback issues and would like to upgrade to X1 .


RCN is installing in the Neighborhood and offering 950 Mbps and signature channels with TIVO for $175/mth no contract and 500 Mbps for $165/mth.


I would prefer to stay with Xfinity, However, my cost just went up and I'm presently paying $204 / mth for 140 Channels with Internet Blaster and a 10 yr + old DVR.


Looking forward to your reply and options.


Peter Marcaurelle