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Unrequested Xfinity Code by Text Message

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Unrequested Xfinity Code by Text Message

Over the past couple of weeks I have gotten a text message telling me what my "Xfinity code" is - a 6-digit number. But I have not requested a code. It seems as if someone is trying to hack into my home network. 

Any ideas?

- Mark 

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Re: Unrequested Xfinity Code by Text Message

Hi @markbixby4600, less your home network, more so your account. In these situations, your two-step-verification is working and the unauthorized user (or someone sharing your sign-in) is not able to sign in. At times, that unauthorized user may be your significant other or your kids, sometimes your kids may have shared your credentials with their friends, and they may be trying to sign in.


The best thing to do in that situation is if there is anyone in your household who needs access, add them from here so they have their own sign-in credentials so they aren't trying to use yours: 


Your best bet is to change your password as well if you feel it's a bad actor. I've deprovisioned all your devices requiring sign-in as a precaution. 

Password resets can be done at 

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