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Timing of data cap expansion

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Timing of data cap expansion

I don't know what's more offensive to me, that Comcast is deciding to arbitrarily increase fees for the internet or the fact that they decided to do it during a global pandemic when people are struggling to pay for basic needs like rent and food.


I don't know that I can think of a more tone-deaf approach than to push a plan to force people into a higher cost internet service plan or risk paying an unknown amount for potential overages (up to $100 per month) when the federal government has had to step in to restrict foreclosures, evictions and other financial impacts due to COVID 19.


I'm attempting to upgrade the service and can't even get the worthless upgrade feature to work.  While it doesn't really negatively impact me personally, I'm thinking about all the people out there who are already struggling due to the pandemic.  These notices that I've exceeded data usage (for the first time ever) and the suggestion to upgrade my service are nothing more than an inconvenience for me.  Something I now have to deal with for no reason other than greed.  I can only imagine the stress this is causing people who this will impact more severely than me.  People who are struggling with tough financial decisions greater than what internet speed they can afford.


Doing this now is reprehensible to me.  It may sound overly dramatic, but I struggle to think of a more cold-hearted business model shift decision in my lifetime.  At a time when Comcast should be striving to make things easier on their customers from a financial standpoint, they appear to be pushing people to pay more for something they've never had to pay more for.