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Terrible customer service

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Terrible customer service

I am a long-time Comcast customer who is totally fed up with them. Their tech support used to be great - they answered their phones right away - you could get a quick appt. but lately they are a nightmare. Spent 2 hours on the phone with them - 3x - before I could get them to make an spot. Over 1 hour of that each time was just to get someone to answer. Then tech came out and would not fix the other 2 TVs - fixed just the main one. Said he was not allowed due to Covid. Covid is not an excuse for terrible service. We pay good money for service - not excuses. I am done with them. I am sure they will be losing a lot of customers with their terrible service.
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Re: Terrible customer service

Presently, with the Ongoing pandemic, the policy is fixing one outlet. That’s for your safety and the safety of the technician. What are your other tvs doing, maybe you can fix if pointed in the right direction

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