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Still Missing free xfi pods

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Still Missing free xfi pods

When we initially signed up with Xfinity, the xFi Advanced Gateway and the 300mbs service, we were told that we would also be able to get the free xfi pods after a 14 day assesment. We recieved the link, completed the information  (multiple times I might add) only to recieve a call stating that they were not able to complet the transaction and for us to try again.

I will say that durring the whole pandemic, I forgot about this but now that we are using more rooms in the house, this is somehting I decided to revisit. Well to my surprise the link no longer works (  and instead goes to a FAQ page on the xfi pods.

So is this no longer being honored at this point? Why has this been so difficult to obtain (i have been reading that several have had simalar issues in getting them)?