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Re: Equiptment swap

Same thing happened to me ansd I have spent hours trying to get someone to come out and help a 75 year old woman activate their equipment swap. I had to agree to pay $70 which the service tech would waive once they came out. I did that only to get an appointment!!! I spoke to the tech and they said they would waive it but no receipt for old equipment they took away or for $70. The modem was not correctly activated and I spent hours with a tech testing this and that. He turned on switches and now everything seems fine. But, sure enough there is a $70 charge for equipment install. I called was on hold for 15 minutes after I repeated my story! I asked for a sipervisor and held for 5 minutes and then hung up. I called again and have arranged for a supervisor to call me back. We will see how that goes. 


Comcast was never this bad to deal with and you could always get knowledgeable and quick resolution with real people for difficult issues. Now, they have so many fences up and then it still is BAD!!


I will probably switch just in protest if this continues past the pandemic. I am going to call corporate headquarters too.


FEED UP!! Customer of 40 years!