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Poor WiFi signals and showing wrong cable modem on account

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Poor WiFi signals and showing wrong cable modem on account

Back on Aug 19, we installed the new XiFi cable modem, setup the WiFi and Internet.

Was told prior to the installation, that you'd be monitoring our WiFi signal and determine if we should get the Pods and they'd be sent automatically based on poor signal service, etc.


End of September, we were getting charges about unreturned equipment.  The equipment being asked to be returned...our new XiFi cable modem (the prior cable modem was one we had purchased directly, was ours).  The serial number of the modem you want return is the new modem.

Called, was told it was taken care of on 9/28.


Oct 2, website still shows our old one as the active modem.

Called support again.  Was told "don't worry, all taken care of".  Appear to have been provided the credit for the charges of unreturned equipment.


It is now Oct 12.  Your site still shows we are operating off our old cable modem (which we are not).

If we look at data usage, it is nearly zero because you appear to be monitoring incorrect data.


Additionally, we are now nearly 2 months onto your XiFi WiFi with constant dropped connections throughout the house because you're not doing what you said you were going to do initially, which was watch the WiFi signal and automatically send the Pod expansion kit if the signal is poor (which it clearly is).


I really don't want to get on the phone yet again since this whole process has been horrible.  I spent over 3 hours on the phone and multiple calls for you to figure out how to get the TV boxes properly registered and activated, and your Internet activation process has been far from ideal as well.


Someone just needs to look at this, figure it out, fix the back-end so you have the right modem active in your database (the modem is active and functioning, so it is obviously registered with your service, but not properly tied to our account for some reason).


Spending any more time with people who are trying to read a script and not comprehending the issue....I really do not want to go down that route again.  Very frustrating the competence been displayed with all the calls places (except for the 1 person on the TV side after multiple calls was finally the person with a lightbulb that could see beyond the script what everyone else was doing wrong but he couldn't understand why no one else could see the obvious issue....).


Anyhow, hopefully someone can step up and fix and not take down our Internet connection in the process or subject me to more hours on the phone.



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Re: Poor WiFi signals and showing wrong cable modem on account

In case anyone from Comcast is paying attention, got yet another email asking me to return what is actually active.


"We are happy that you’re enjoying your new Gateway with the reliability, speed, digital protection for the ones you love, and peace of mind that Xfinity Internet delivers.
However, it looks like you haven’t returned the equipment you were using before. We’ve reached out a few times, but haven’t heard back. "


So, despite the "don't worry, all taken care of" reassurances, it clearly isn't all taken care of.


Not so much worried, but getting really annoyed that I have to put so much time and effort into this because someone there can't figure out how to do asset management properly or something.


Hopefully someone can figure it out quickly before I get stuck in some stupid phone call that I KNOW will just be a painful experience trying to get someone to understand based on the last few conversations.



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Re: Poor WiFi signals and showing wrong cable modem on account

Hi @UserJohn

We appreciate your patience. Sorry for the experience you're having with your WiFi and the incorrect modem information being displayed in your MyAccount App. I can imagine how frustrating that must be - no need to call in again. My team here on the Forums will be able to go in and remove the association with your old modem after confirming it has, in fact, been checked in. 

I can also check on your xFi Complete Whole Home WiFi evaluation to determine if you can receive any free Pods. Please send me a private message with your first and last name and the street numbers associated with your address to get started. To send a private message, click on "ComcastChe" and then click send a message. 


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