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We've had the pods for some time now. When we got them we were told that, after 3 months, we would know if our signal was strong or not, and would receive free boosters if not. Have not heard anything since then. What do the pods actually do? Any reason to keep them plugged in?

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Hi, hallj. Good afternoon! We appreciate you posting your questions here in the community, we're glad to have you and we're happy to help. xFi pods are devices that create a mesh WiFi network when paired with your compatible xFi Gateway. The pods essentially help to reduce/eliminate areas within your home where the WiFi coverage tends to drop or is weak. In a nutshell, they extend and carry out more consistent WiFi coverage throughout your home. It sounds like you may have purchased xFi Complete service, is that correct? With xFi complete, there is an initial period where your WiFi network is analyzed and strength/coverage is determined. Depending on the result, it's possible an xFi pod would be recommended/included. Did you purchase yours? How are things going with your internet connection currently?

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