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Please bury my drop

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Please bury my drop

Please bury my drop.
My cable line has been above ground since 7/23. We had one person come out to hand bury it after I told xfinity it needs to go under a driveway. We then had two more people come by and say they would bury it that day and a hour later I went outside to check on them and they were gone and never returned. I’ve had 3 conversations with xfinity in the past week about someone getting this buried ASAP and I’ve been told it’s “high priority” and someone would call me within 24 hours. I specifically asked for it to be done on the weekend because I am working from home and I need internet to work and cannot be disconnected while they dig around in our yards. How many more times do I have to be lied to before someone does their job???
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Re: Please bury my drop

Hi, Huskieslover01. Thank you for making us aware of the line situation. So sorry we have dropped the ball on this. You came to the right place for help though. I can step in and work with you to get this done. Please begin by sending me a PM with your first and last name.


To send a private message, please click my name "ComcastMorgan" then select "Send a Message" on the right side.  


We will go from there!

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