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No help with bill during pandemic

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No help with bill during pandemic

I called xfinity last month asking for an extension on my past balance due but was told no. I find it so.hard to believe that xfinity is offering no help during such a stressful time. I was only asking for a few days extension because I was unable to pay my bill until my husbands next unemployment check came. We have been comcast/Xfinity customers for as long as I can remember, we've never had anyone else. But I've reached a point where I am considering changing. When I called the rep was so insensitive to my situation offering no help whatsoever. My opinion right now is that xfinity is just a money hungry corporation taking advantage of a very tough and stressful time for us all. Thanks for nothing Xfinity from a very dissatisfied longtime loyal customer @
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Re: No help with bill during pandemic

They are not helping me either, bill went up 26$ this month, trying to switch plans and I think they've personally shut me and who knows who else out from doing so because every time I try to select a new plan I get an error message. 

Your order deserves a little more attention.

Unfortunately, we're unable to complete your request online, but our knowledgeable representatives are available to help you right now.