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How to reach an actual knowledgeable support agent

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How to reach an actual knowledgeable support agent

I am having a REAL bad time while trying to interact with comcast support. 


Attempting to chat gives an error that my current user role doesn't have access to billing information (it does, I am a manager of the account with what should be full access).


Attempting to call sends me to what I assume is an overflow call center where somehow it's easier to hear the people shouting in the background than it is to hear the under-trained service rep.


The Actual Problem:


About a month ago I upgraded my internet service to a higher speed tier, and in order to use that speed I had to buy a new modem.  I refered to the list of supported hardware at and selected a Motorola MB8600.  According to instructions, I should be able to activate on my own at  -- this was not possible, even though my router is showing a valid WAN IP.  So I called to activate over the phone (a call that took much longer than it should have, previously this process took about 5 minutes and this time it took an hour and a half).


Modem rebooted to the same state, address given, no traffic passing.  By this time others in the household are FLIPPING OUT, so I give up and connect my old modem which connects in under 30 seconds.  The next  available window to work on this is spent on a call to the overflow call center where the service rep is telling me my old modem (SB6121) is not compatible with my speed tier (I KNOW) and to get a compatible modem (I already did...) or lease a comcast internet gateway.  I think this is the rub.  I think that comcast is purposely making third party equipment a horrible experience because leasing equipment is perpetual income.


So who do I call?  Who can I email that is capable of ACTUALLY troubleshooting and verifying that my new equipment is correctly authorized on my account?

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Re: How to reach an actual knowledgeable support agent

Hello MichaelWard. We appreciate you visiting and posting on our Forums. Apologies your modem activation experience has been frustrating. I can assist with getting your new modem properly added and activated onto your account. To get started, please send me a private message and include your full name and service address so I can access your account. You can click my name (ComcastJoeTru) to view my profile and send me a private message. Click "Send a private message" and private message me.

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