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How does one get an X1 box

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How does one get an X1 box

I read that in order to receive some cable channels an X1 box is required. How does one get an X1 box? How much more does it cost and what else does it do for you?

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Re: How does one get an X1 box


Sounds like you may be in the same boat I'm in... I was notified by Comcast that I should upgrade my boxes for free, but when I tried I could not (online or via the 800 number). I received confirmation in this forum that I should get new boxes, and my situation was referred to someone, but I'm still waiting for something to happen.


Hope both of us will be able to get this resolved soon!




Re: How does one get an X1 box

x1 are same price for same features or better features (DVR has 6 tuners vs 2). depends on what you need and have (for example, coax available at outlets, your own gateway/modem or rental from Comcast (xb3/6/7). more info the better users can help you. more and more channels are TVip now a they are added. the Olympics are usually a great event and my guess is that the regular HD and the 4k programs will be on TVip too so an x1 set top box is a great thing to have in the home. 

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