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Customer Service is INEPT in every way, WE NEED A COMPLAINT BOARD or EMAIL

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Customer Service is INEPT in every way, WE NEED A COMPLAINT BOARD or EMAIL


2/2/21-LiveChat to discuss our main TV box being on the fritz-after 45 mins of testing what we already tested the rep said we need a replacement box. Told we would receive our box in 5-7 days, in the meantime we have a faulty box-no service. Before ending the Livechat the rep goes into a sales pitch trying to get me to change our plan, ultimately telling me we would have the highest speed plan, same channels, and voice we DONT NEED or USE but wed save $25 a month. No brainer-I changed the plan. Thought this was a very productive livechat. NOT AT ALL. 2/8/21 LIVEChat asking where our new box is----NO RECORD of any new TV box just our NEW plan. Wonderful-so this rep says NO problem they will assist (typical repetitive responses) and they will ship the replacement box.  So we WAIT-still NO working box-NOW 2/18 STILL NO BOX shows up-I contact LIVECHAT again-no excuse on what happened just another( apology & they will assist, comment ) but now they  say just go to the comcast store and pick it up. SOOO I try to explain AGAIN, we live 30 miles from the closest Comcast store and Im not going to be inconvenienced because of someone elses ineptness. Finally after 20 mins of back and forth she says she'll ship it Priority but it will cost me $29.95--UH NOOOO. So I said absolutely NOT-finally she offers to ship it priority and credit me the $30. The box arrives the next day-WELL guess what it wont activate-3 LIVECHATS with tech help, asking for the serial number, all the testing-I finally called the comcast 1800# spoke to a human-whom seemed very knowledgable and helpful & it really appeared she would figure out the issue. She tells me that because we were shipping back the old box that the computer system was confused about the new box and having issues activating it. She tried and tried and after an hour on the phone with her she said she had to take it to a further  level and she would or someone else would call me back to resolve the issue. NO ONE CALLED!!! So now we are on the weekend and have to wait till Monday 2/22 to drive the 30 miles to go to the store to turn in the old non working box to see if it woud fix the computer system issue. WELL the girl at the counter was blown away that we went through that many people and NOT one person caught the fact that the serial# on the new box showed it wasnt the correct TV box to begin with. Thye sent us one thats used for a secondary room, not our main box.  After all the hourse of trying to get help, weeks of waiting, purchasing all new cables and redoing all the cables and wires in the WALL then driving 30 miles we finally got our answer as well as the correct box. Got home, hooked it up and was up & running in minutes. WHAT a nightmare experience for anyone but for a customer thats been using comcast for more than 2 decades its just sickening. We may get our $30 shipping credit but what about all those days of no service, time trying to get help and massive headaches? The whole thing was RIDICULOUS. Im more determined to get ourselves sweaned off cable tv so we dont have to deal with this kind of mess again. OH LETS NOT FORGET THAT  "NEW PLAN" THAT WAS SUPPOSED to save us $25 a month. NOT HAPPENING. Were only saving $9.55.  All this and they dont even offer a Military discount either--sick to death of cable. 

COMCAST need to have technicians that know what they are doing and your customers NEED a way to send in complaints through email to corporate--no LIVECHATs that take hours and most of the time arent even available.  Time for us to cut the cable-what about you???

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Re: Customer Service is INEPT in every way, WE NEED A COMPLAINT BOARD or EMAIL

@ksteichen1 Thanks so much for taking the time to reach out to us regarding your experience. I am so very sorry to hear that you had such an experience with the replacement devices. I would love to look further into this as I know I would be frustrated as well in your position. Can you please reach out through private message (find out how to do so with this link your first and last name, name on the account if different and service address? 

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