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Customer Care at Comcast Xfinity

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Customer Care at Comcast Xfinity

Why is there so little response from identified support personnel to questions raised on the forum pages?  Is this system provided merely to give us a place to vent?  

I have now also had several contacts with India regarding issues which they have said are resolved which clearly have not been touched.  This customer support system rivals Verizon's for "worst offshore support system" in the telephonic communication category.

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Re: Customer Care at Comcast Xfinity

It’s mainly a peer to peer forum but if you were to post your actual concern you’ll get assistance

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Re: Customer Care at Comcast Xfinity

Sir, I would be happy to post details regarding my issues.  But may I first ask some preliminary questions? 

First, does comcast maintain a database on customer support issues showing what the reported is was, and to whom and to what departments the issue was referred? 

Second, if such a database exists, what current employees can access it and can you access it? 

If not, what is all the blather from the support people in India referring to when they keep you on a chat line while they consult and elevate the issue to the proper authority?


Since my account information is unique to me (I HOPE), if you can access it you would see a commplete history.  If you cannot, as I would expect because the information in it would be akin to trade secrets, who does the quality control work of checking the results of customer inquiries?


To start, the first issue is that the instructions for customers/users  given at do not correspond to the most current version of Xfinity Connect available at the App Store for my iPad or iPhone.  When I log in, click the telephone icon there is no wheel appearing in the upper right of the screen on either device.  And, no matter what icons you click on, in whatever order your try, do you ever get screens that conform to these instructions on the website:


  • Access Xfinity Connect and click the Voice (telephone) icon.


  • Enter your Xfinity ID and password.
  • Click the Settings (wheel) icon in the upper-right corner and select Settings to see your Voice preferences.
  • Select Call Blocking.
  • In the Anonymous Calls Rejection (ACR) section, select the Block all anonymous calls box.

So the chances of my ever getting an answer to my issue are slim and none.  Simply stated some of the anonymous calls to my phone number show as "blocked" on the call log, but more get through.  Why?  how can I modify the setting so that all anonymous and  "unavailable" etc calls disappear into the ether that Michelson and Morely were looking for?


When you deal with this first item I am trying to handle, we can go on to others.

                           Thanks in advance